Inspired by hygiene.

How to protect yourself - Dyson Airblade wash & dry

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Dyson Airblade™ 9kJ - Hand Dryer

The fastest, most energy efficient HEPA-filtered hand dryer

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Dyson Airblade™ Wash + Dry

Airblade ™ technology in a tap.

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Dyson Airblade™ dB - Hand Dryer

Designed for the fastest drying effect

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Dyson Airblade™ V - Hand Dryer

The hygienic hand dryer is now 35% quieter.

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Air Tap™ Frame Set - WD06

Selected Dyson Airblade accessories.

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Air Tap™ Frame Set- Dyson Airblade WD06 Vorwandelement

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Supplementary hygienic solutions by Stern Soap Dispenser

The electronic soap dispenser from CLEANTEC complement the Dyson faucet and provide double protection.

No matter whether it is for the wash basin or the sink, there is a CLEANTEC solution for all the washspace.

About Cleantec

CLEANTEC hygiene technology gmbh has been a competent specialist for high-quality, electronic hand drying systems in the public and commercial sector for over 10 years.

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Leasing & Rent

For customers who want the latest Dyson Airblade™ models - Renting Dyson Airblade products is affordable and hassle-free.

For more information or to discuss your rental options call 00800 77755777 (freecall)

Installation & Support

360° service by CLEANTEC - complete installation of your washroom.

GreenLineProgram - Refurbished Hand Dryer

Refurbished hand dryers are appliances that CLEANTEC has overhauled, cleaned and tested. The majority of these are appliances from terminated leasing contracts.