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“We went to the governors about the Dyson AirbladeTM hand dryer. They were so impressed with the hygiene benefits and the speed that we got permission to buy all of the hand dryers we were asking for.”

Lynne Jones, Associate Headteacher, Withycombe Raleigh Primary School

Encouraging 60 five-year olds to wash and dry their hands regularly is difficult enough. When it’s also a vital part of reducing allergens in a school environment, a new approach is necessary.

“I’ve been teaching for quite a few years and over the last decade the number of children with allergies has seemed to increase,” says Lynne Jones, Associate Headteacher at Withycombe Raleigh Primary School in Devon. “We have a duty to make reasonable adjustments to the school environment – we want all children to enjoy their experience at school, regardless of any health issues.”

One of those adjustments at Withycombe Raleigh Primary School has been the installation of nine Dyson AirbladeTM hand dryers. “We worked closely with the council’s environmental health officer to run hand washing workshops and raise awareness,” Lynne continues. “Some of the children have severe allergies, so encouraging cleanliness, such as making sure the children don’t have food on their hands after lunch, is very important. The Dyson AirbladeTM hand dryers have been incredible in helping this.”

“Firstly, they’re far more hygienic than the old hand dryers we had before. That’s vital. But secondly, they’re much quicker. When you’ve got so many children washing their hands at the same time, it really helps.” The Dyson AirbladeTM hand dryers have also made washing hands something to look forward to. “I was standing outside one morning as the parents brought their children in and a father came over and told me, ‘these hand dryers are far too good, my son won’t stop washing his hands!’”

The dyson Airblade hand dryer uses a HEPA filter. 99.9% of bacteria in the washroom air are captured. So hands are dried using cleaner air, not dirty air. It also contains an antibacterial additive, which can help prevent the growth of bacteria.