RENSAIR air purifier
€499,00 plus tax


RENSAIR air purifier

Clean air in every room

Clean air has never been more important. That's why we developed the Rensair air purifier for the global market.

Originally, Rensair air purification technology was developed to meet strict air quality requirements for Scandinavian hospitals.

The Rensair air purifier is a patented solution whose advanced purification technology has been tested for effectiveness by independent laboratories.

Dimensions: height: 77 cm, Ø: 37cm
Box dimensions: H: 84 cm x W: 43 cm x D: 43 cm Net weight: 18 kg Total weight (including box): 21 kg
Color: White
HEPA filter: EU 13 (EN 1822 filter class H13).

CE certified (UK & EU): 220-240 V, v ~50 Hz, IEC C14 to C13 connection for various power plugs

ETL certified (USA & Canada): 110-120 V, ~60 Hz, US power plug type B

Length of power cord: 3 m UVC lamp with 18 W, 254 nm light